CMDU has taken an initiative to enhance transparency in Government  and get rid off traditional flows by developing Web Solutions for different purposes such as E-Filing, File Tracking System, Activity Tracking System etc.


Keeping up with advancement in Mobile technology, an official Government APP development cell has been established by Government of Balochistan in CMDU.


For the first time Government of Balochistan have acquired the ability to design any an all requirements of the government by qualified designers using high-end tools available in the market.


GIS is the latest planning tool used throughout the world. Through this initiative, Provincial, Divisional and District level Digital GIS and Google maps will be generated.


Honorable Chief Minister desired to introduce a reform and implementation framework which by using the latest information and communication technology (ICT) gives solutions for the challenges such as good governance, quantified performance management at districts and departmental levels, implementation of special initiatives of the provincial government, promotion of ICT and management of public complaints etc.


Improved Governance through quantified performance management frameworks, which shall have the capacity to develop selected and realistic Key performance indicators (KPIs) based on local requirements, capacity to expand / transform KPIs as the unit evolves, gather automated information on KPIs, develop performance measurement tools for analysis of performance information and finally connect outcomes with the decision venues to influence a range of possible decisions.


Though work has already commenced for feeding information of all the Government files flow  in an automated file tracking system, which is scalable and expendable to all levels of government and has the capacity to be converted in E-filing system as well but the system is run on ad-hoc basis so far. Through this system track of all files at different levels of Government will be managed. Customized analytical reports for decision avenues are generated and training to promote ICT culture is done through this system. 


Currently Federal Government is managing all its complaints an application named “Pakistan Citizen Portal”. The application provides a convenient and foolproof mechanism for redressal of public complaints. GoB is currently using Pakistan citizen portal and intends developing a similar platform “Balochistan Citizen Portal”, which will enhance ownness of the system for redressal of complaints of provincial level and will also be linked with Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit for redressal of federal level complaints.


This system facilitates in creating activities at the level of Chief Minister and Chief Secretaries.The activities have tasks and sub tasks for secretaries, commissioners and deputy commissioners.These tasks and sub tasks are time bound and performance of government officers is  analysed  basing     on timely  completion of assigned tasks. This system   provides    a direct link between topmost echelons of the government with the executive officers for speedy disposal of issues under direct supervision of chief minister and chief secretary. 

GIS is the latest planning tool used throughout the world. Through this initiative, Provincial, Divisional and District level Digital GIS and Google maps will be generated. Capacity of all tiers of government will be developed to plot layers of education facilities, health facilities, communication infrastructure, irrigation infrastructure, PHE wells, mines and minerals, etc. This will improve the planning and optimal utilization of resources. In the recent judgment of the Balochistan High Court on PSDP, BHC has also directed to develop GIS maps for planning and approval of schemes.

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E-Governance is widely thought as ideal approach to establish productive relationship between government and citizens. It is extensively used to bring transparency, accountability and efficiency at all levels of government procedures and Operations. Our focus is on one core part of E-Government to Employee, which is to provide e-coverage to manual file system of government offices. The current manual’ file system incorporates delayed processing, invisibility, low productivity, poor check & balance, lack of timed accountability, inefficiency, prolonged review, entailed corruption and vulnerability to undue interference. Our proposed file system is intended to add transparency, efficiency, time framing and accountability to manual file system and will have also better acceptability and usability.


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